SOFi's Night Bidding Is Easy with GiveSmart!

Great news! We'll be using GiveSmart again this year for all bidding and payment at SOFi's Night. That means you can preview silent auction items before the event, as well as bid, settle up and even tip your bartenders the night of the event — all from your mobile phone. It's fun, easy and secure. In case you need a refresher from last year or are new to the event, here are a few helpful tips. GiveSmart staff will be onsite the night of the event to help out and, of course, SOFi board members will be available to answer any questions.

Before the Event

  • Register at Registration is required for bidding on any silent auction item, but don't worry— it's quick and easy. You can even add a credit card for easy check-out the night of the event.

  • Check your texts. Once registered, you'll receive a link via text. Click it to be automatically logged into the site and access your own personal bidding center. This is where all the action happens!

  • Check your email. Whether you registered last year or this year, you'll receive an email when we open the silent auction a few days before the event. This is your big chance to scope out all the auction items and start planning your bidding strategy!

  • Share the link and bid even if you can't be there. Have family or friends who want to help support Bolton Academy but can't attend the event? Or do you have to sit this one out due to other plans? Good news: You don't have to be present to win! Anyone can register and bid on silent auction items from afar (we'll miss you, though!).

The Night Of

  • Charge up your phone. You'll need to access the GiveSmart site for all your bidding, buying into the 50/50 raffle, wine wall purchases and more. Basically anything you would pay for will be handled by GiveSmart this year.

  • Start the bidding! The GiveSmart mobile site makes it easy to bid on your favorite items. You can set a maximum bid and let the software do the bidding for you while you enjoy the party. You'll be be alerted if someone outbids you and can add items to a watchlist to easily keep an eye on them.

  • Check out. At the end of the night, all your purchases throughout the evening will be tallied up in your account. If you already added a credit card, you'll be outta there in just a few clicks. Plan on taking your items home with you. And we'll see you again at the auction next year!