Get A Sitter & Give to SOFi

We love giving our community easy ways to give back to Bolton Academy, so SOFi is partnering with The Sitter Tree again this year to raise funds — with 10% of your family placement fees back to the school.

Who is The Sitter Tree?

The Sitter Tree is a local babysitting community, serving Atlanta since 2000. Families join for free and simply pay a placement fee each time they want to request a sitter. Local coordinators then recruit, screen and assign sitters for your requests. All the sitters in the network are background checked and have their own transportation, so you get care for your kids that you can feel good about. How does it work?

Taking advantage of this easy opportunity to give back to Bolton is simple. Just register today at as part of the Bolton Academy community by using "Bolton Academy" as your referral when you sign up. If you are already a member of The Sitter Tree, email your coordinator to request to be moved to the Bolton Academy community in order to participate in this give-back partnership. That's it! Go have date night, girls' night or whatever night you need and book your sitter through The Sitter Tree. 10% of your placement fee automatically goes back to Bolton. Have fun!

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