2015-2016 Hooty's Nest Egg Annual Fund

2015-2016 Hooty's Nest Egg Annual Fund

November 1, 2015

This year's Annual Fund Campaign raised a Bolton Academy record of over $27,500 to help fund supplemental programs and support our International Baccalaureate program at the school. Additional donations are still welcome at any level throughout the school year. The Soaring Owls Foundation would like to thank our generous supporters who have donated to the Hooty's Nest Egg Annual Fund benefiting Bolton Academy.

Thank you to our sponsors!!


Gifts of $1,000 and greater

  • Wes Finger and Rachel Rose

  • Matt Bauer and Chi Phan

  • Clay and Stephanie Atkinson

  • Nicholle and Christopher Bailey

  • Larry and Donella Cohen

  • Mary and Jason Dressler

  • Eric and Catherine Jones

  • Jeremy and Natalie Jones

  • Marjorie and Matthew Lerner

  • Glenn and Heather Lyon

  • Catie and Scott McDermott

  • Abigail and Larry Pachon

  • Matt and Gina Ragsdale

  • Reg and Carolyn Redmond

  • Mario and Ashley Rivera

  • James and Stephanie Rowe

  • Jeffrey and Yen So

  • Brian and Leslie Stevens

  • Adam and Jeanne Zawacki

  • Bill Selmon, Preferred School Care

  • Woody and Kristin Woodward


Gifts ranging from $250 to $999

  • Allison and Jeff DellaMaggiora

  • Greg and Amy Bloodsworth

  • Jeb and Amy McPherson

  • Kenneth and Bethany Nelson

  • Leigh Woods

  • Tracy Chisholm

  • Alison Dabney

  • Kristen Mazola

  • Rhon Sheffield

  • Brian and Kara Williamson

  • Yolanda Joachim

  • Tim and Michelle Martin

  • Don Penovi


Gifts ranging up to $249

  • Rob and Melanie Haley

  • John and Nancy Reilly

  • Patrick and Stacy Shanley

  • Margo and Matthew Yoder

  • Rebecca Moffett

  • Heather and Kevin Shankwiler

  • Rob and Jill Conrey

  • Dean Dabney

  • Patricia Ridgeway

  • Tim and Jennifer Stevens

  • Scott and Sarah Carter

  • Andy and Nicole Janney

  • Ellen Powell

  • Clifford Sheffield

  • Rachel Jorgenson

  • Shari Hall

  • Leslie and Chris Thrasher

  • Charlie and Jennifer Burch

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